Activating Your New Service

  1. For Devices Requiring SIM Cards:



    1. Insert Connecta Mobile SIM:
      • Begin the activation process by delicately inserting the Connecta Mobile SIM into your device, ensuring a secure connection.

    1. Port-In: a. If Porting Your Number:
      • Initiate the activation journey with an inaugural outgoing call to any number.
      • For verification, dial 9412930452, confirming the seamless transition. b. If Successful:
      • Progress to the Priva|C Quick Start Guide, unlocking the full potential of your connected experience.

    1. New Number: a. Embark on a hassle-free experience as your device arrives preactivated upon shipping. b. Confirm your device's functionality with an outgoing call, seamlessly transitioning into the Priva|C Quick Start Guide. c. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, expert support is a call away at 9412930452, ensuring swift resolution.


    For Devices Using eSIM:



    1. Setup and Wi-Fi Connection:
      • Navigate through the settings of your device, specifically Settings > Connections > SIM manager > Add eSIM, enhancing your connectivity.

    1. Connect to Mobile Network:
      • Engage in a personalized connection experience by selecting "Other ways to connect to the mobile network."

    1. Scan QR Code:
      • Elevate your activation process by delicately scanning the QR code received via email, seamlessly integrating your device into the Connecta Mobile network.

    1. Activation:
      • Witness the transformation as your device undergoes activation, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection experience.

    1. Proceed to Priva|C Quick Start Guide:
      • Embark on a comprehensive exploration of your device's capabilities by seamlessly transitioning to the Priva|C Quick Start Guide, curated for a seamless and informed user experience.