What You Should Know About SIM Swap Attacks

What You Should Know About SIM Swap Attacks

Cell phones have become a staple in the modern world; it’s hard to work, travel, and stay connected without one. Unfortunately, the fundamental role mobile devices play in our lives makes them an increasingly common target for various types of cybersecurity threats. SIM swap attacks are just one of many mobile security risks, but they can wreak havoc on your life if it happens to you.

Being aware of how SIM swapping works and what you can do to stop it is necessary if you want to keep your data and communications safe. Find out everything you should know about SIM swap attacks with this quick overview.

How SIM Swapping Works

SIM swapping involves a hacker gaining control of someone’s phone account so they can port that individual’s number to a SIM card that they own. Scammers do this by contacting phone service companies and impersonating customers in their network with stolen information like passwords, birthdates, and Social Security numbers. Once these scammers have access to the phone account, they can claim that they’ve lost their SIM card and need to port their number to a new one.

The Goal of SIM Swap Attacks

Your phone’s SIM card contains the unique user data that enables calling, texting, and browsing on your phone. When that user data moves to a new SIM card, so do all of your communications and notifications. If a scammer has access to that new SIM card, it means they also have access to your accounts, conversations, and any other data on your phone.

There are a lot of things someone can do with this kind of access, but the main goal of SIM swapping is often targeting two-factor authentication barriers. With your number, scammers can break through two-factor authentication measures and gain access to crucial accounts like banking, business operations, and more.

How To Identify SIM Swap Attacks

The best way to prevent a SIM swap attack is to protect your personal information so that scammers can’t impersonate you. However, these kinds of attacks can happen to anyone, no matter how careful they are. That’s why one of the most important things to know about SIM swap attacks is how to identify them when they happen.

One of the biggest indicators of SIM swapping is a sudden lack of service. If you stop receiving calls or texts or find yourself without service for seemingly no reason, it could mean that your SIM card is deactivated. You might also receive strange notifications or notices about a change in your phone service.

Finally, pay attention to unexpected activity across your accounts. This might be financial transactions you didn’t initiate, social media posts you didn’t create, or unauthorized password changes for various profiles. These are all signs that someone else has access to your accounts and the phone number linked to them.

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