Can Encryption Protect Your Device From Being Hacked?

A man holding a smart phone. Above the phone is a graphic of a white padlock and a hidden password bar.

Cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever before, which means it’s important to find ways to protect your device—and all the information stored on it—from threats. Encryption is an effective and increasingly common way to secure your data, but what exactly does it do? Can encryption protect your device from being hacked?

Yes and no. Encryption is a formidable security measure that’s worth investing in. But it can’t completely prevent threats. Learn more about what encryption can and can’t do—and how you can make the most of this and other security measures—with this brief overview.

What Encryption Protects You From

Encrypting your data is like using a secret code. Only someone who knows the code—or, in this case, has the decryption key—can access and understand your data. Encrypting your calls, texts, emails, and other information helps keep your data safe from anyone who might try to access or intercept it. Encryption is a powerful tool for protecting your most sensitive virtual information and keeping your communications and accounts secure.

Encryption Is Hackable

No security solution is foolproof, especially if you’re using it on its own. Just like a skilled burglar can pick a lock, a skilled hacker can decode encrypted data. Encryption stops many threats, but through sophisticated software and other elite methods, it’s possible for malicious parties to break through encryption codes and access your data.

Encryption Doesn’t Stop Malware and Other Attacks

Encryption prevents a hacker from accessing your calls, emails, and stored data, but they can still target you and your device through malicious apps, phishing scams, and other cyber-attacks.

However, encryption can’t protect your device from being hacked. Therefore, you must combine your encryption methods with other security measures. Using strong passwords, investing in a virtual private network, and installing security apps on your phone can create a robust, comprehensive security system that offers the best protection for your data.

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