What is a SIM/eSIM

  1. SIM card:A SIM card is a small chip containing information for your device to connect to the Connecta Mobile network. Connecta Mobile SIM cards include adapters for Nano, Micro, or Standard SIM-sized devices.


    eSIM: An Embedded SIM (eSIM) is a digital version of a SIM card, eliminating the need for a physical SIM. Simply download your eSIM over Wi-Fi and connect to the Connecta Mobile network within minutes!


    Buy a SIM card:

    • Postpaid: Visit our SIM card page to order online or find one in a Connecta Mobile store.
    • Prepaid: Review the Prepaid SIM Card page for online ordering or visit a store.

    Set up your eSIM: If you're switching between Android, don't have your old device, or have a Prepaid plan, contact us to activate your eSIM before following these steps.



    • During initial setup, activate an eSIM or transfer one from an existing device.
    • If already set up and connected to Wi-Fi, choose Settings > Connections > SIM manager > Add eSIM to transfer the eSIM from another device.


    • Ensure Wi-Fi connection and choose to Download your eSIM during device setup.
    • If setup is complete, select Settings > Network & Internet, then choose the + icon to add a SIM. Select Download your SIM and follow the steps to activate your Connecta Mobile eSIM.

    Other devices:

    • Contact us to activate your eSIM.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi and scan the QR code. Check in Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network for most Androids.

    Get help with your eSIM:

    • For Samsung devices, refer to Samsung eSIM troubleshooting.
    • Bringing your own device? Ensure it's compatible with Connecta Mobile.